Historical research is never the work of one person.  Family history research involves the whole family!   I am grateful to all who have offered information and guided my research.

Jennifer Thorp, Archivist, New College, Oxford.

Kevin Spears, Cathedral Librarian, Wells Cathedral.

(The late) Stanley Vaughan.  (Revd Adolphus Woodford's masonic associations and career).

The churchwardens at Locking Parish Church, Somerset.

(The late) Wing Commander John Smith-Carington.  (Ashby Folville).

The Hawley family at Brentingby Hall Farm.

The Parson Woodforde Society.

The Bodleian Library, Oxford.

The British Library.

The Guildhall Library, London.

The Record Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Leicestershire Museum Service

Northamptonshire Record Office.

The churchwardens, Locking Parish Church.

Clarendon Books, Leicester.

Mary Sirau, County Editor, Victoria County History, Somerset.

Oliver Heighes Woodforde.

(The late) Robert Woodforde of Hutton, Weston-super-Mare.

Giles Woodforde of Oxford.

John Woodforde of Liverpool.

Julia Hanrott nee Woodforde.

Jonathan Hamm.

Gerry Clarke.  (Clarke family descent from Alexander John Woodforde).

Gerry Jackson.

Ann and Mike Udal.  (Harriett Woodforde/Jackson family descent).

Brian Bouchards.  (William Woodforde MD).

Francois Thouvenot.  (Francis Cardew Woodforde descent).

Morgan Martin.  (Frances Sophia Woodforde).

Prof Lori Anne Ferrell. (Yale University). (Samuel Woodforde DD).

Gareth Hughes.  (George Augustus Woodforde family descent).

Ian Forbes (Dr John Woodforde in Australia).

Rick Leir (Leir family history).

John Heighes (Heighes family history).

Brian Collett (re Agnes Collett and her sisters).