Miscellaneous Notes

This is the place for loose ends and topics I cannot yet associate with, or relate directly to, a specific member of the Woodford(e) family.

Conflicting pedigrees

The early pedigrees of the Woodforde family, pre-1600, are sometimes confusing and provide conflicting information.   There is some common agreement in the very earliest that chart the family from John de Woodford of Brentingby (c.1317) to Robert Woodford of Bucks (c.1455), but there are several problems in later centuries.

I have highlighted one such problem on my page about John Woodforde of Scaldwell.  Can any genealogist shed some light, please?

A family miniature

I would like to confirm the provenance of this miniature portrait which is owned by a member of the family.   This is a copy of a well-known portrait of Sir Master Charles William Lambton, 'The Red Boy', by Sir Thomas Lawrence, completed in 1825.

It may be the work of Sophia Elizabeth Collett (1844-1899), an acclaimed painter of miniature portraits. Sophia was the sister of Agnes Maria Collett who was the Revd Alexander John Woodforde's second wife.

Sophia exhibited seven miniatures at the Royal Academy between 1889 and 1893 and also exhibited at the Liverpool Walker Art Gallery, Manchester City Art Gallery and the Royal Miniature Society.

Agnes was the daughter of William Collett, Rector of Hawstead in Suffolk, and his first wife, Mary Cecil Augusta Linsingen.  She married Revd Alexander John Woodforde on 27 September 1886.  They had one child, Dorothy Cecil, who was born on 20 December 1888 and died just nineteen days later on 8 January 1889.

It is known that Leonora Julia Collett (1871-1967), who was half sister of Agnes and Sophia, sometimes visited members of the Woodforde family and is remembered for having a deep interest in miniature portraits.   Leonora was the daughter of William Collett and his second wife, Charlotte Johanna Caroline Stowiczett, who is listed in the 1861 census of Hawstead as the Governess for the Collett children.

It is interesting to note that Harriet, daughter of George William Woodforde (brother of the Revd Alexander John Woodforde) married the Revd Robert French Lawrence.  Was Robert Lawrence related to Sir Thomas Lawrence?