This is the story of a family whose exploits, adventures and relationships have been recorded for over seven hundred years. Diaries from several generations tell of love affairs, shipwrecks and subterfuge. A medieval cartulary records land transactions from as early as 1317.

The new province of South Australia was declared on 28 December 1836. Nine ships had arrived from Britain, the first being the Duke of York on 27 July 1836, but the vessel to have perhaps the most far-reaching impact on the future colony was the 162 ton brig Rapid. On board was Dr John Woodforde. Read his story HERE...

England has faced epidemics in the past. Robert Woodforde, a Northamptonshire lawyer, kept a diary in which he recorded what happened when the 'sickness' reached Northamptonshire in the middle of the seventeenth century. Read more HERE

George Washington's great x4 grandmother was Ursula Woodford, the daughter of Thomas Woodford of Brightwell in Buckinghamshire, England. General William Woodford was related to George Washington. His wife's grandmother, Mildred Washington Gregory, was George Washington's Aunt and Godmother. Read more HERE

Medieval wall paintings are not uncommon in English churches. Two were uncovered by archaeologists working on the chapel at Brentingby in Leicestershire prior to the building being converted to a residence. What do these paintings tell us about the Woodforde family who were lords of the manor in the fourteenth and fifteenth century? Read more HERE



The first manor acquired by the Woodforde family in Leicestershire was Brentingby, a small hamlet near Melton Mowbray. John Woodforde purchased this manor in 1317. Find out more about his family and how they acquired further land and property HERE

The history of the Woodforde family began in a village near Salisbury in Wiltshire on the banks of the River Avon. In the late thirteenth century, John Woodforde left his home village, travelled to Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, and married Alice Prest, the daughter of a wealthy wool merchant.