Nicholas Woodford of Idmiston

Whilst researching his family's ancestry, the Revd Adolphus Woodford commissioned research that led, in his words, to `conclusive proof' of a Woodford family descent from a Nicholas Woodford buried at Idmiston in Wiltshire in 1591.

Idmiston is seven miles east of the parish of Woodford.

Adolphus Woodford's research has been lost, but parish registers record the death of a Nicholas Woodford 'yeoman of Idmiston' on 28 April 1589 or 1591.

All Saints Parish Church, Idmiston
All Saints Parish Church, Idmiston

A will for a Nicholas Woodford's, written in 1621, mentions his wife Elizabeth and his sons Richard and Nicholas.  The marriage of the son, Nicholas, to Elizabeth Avon, took place on 27 June 1631 in the parish of Newton Tony.  Richard married Mary Bawner or Bawnce on 23 June 1593 in Winterbourne Gunner.

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