Thomas Woodford (Massachusetts)

Thomas Woodford was born about 1612 in Lincolnshire, England.  His father was Joseph Woodford who may have been born in about 1590.  The name of his mother is not known.  He arrived in America on June 5, 1632 on board the "William and Francis." which had set sail from London on 9 March.

The next record of him is at Roxbury, MA, where the Reverend John Eliot, the "Apostle to the Indians," wrote in the church records (language updated): "Thomas Woodford, a manservant, came to New England in 1632 and joined the church about half a year later; he afterwards married Mary Blott, and moved to CT, joining the church in Hartford." 

Thomas became a freeman of the MA Bay Colony March 4, 1634/45. He is mentioned in the Compact of Settlers of 1636 at Springfield, CT. He received six acres of land at Hartford, CT, in 1639, and was hired by the city to maintain fences and to impound loose animals. In 1640 he was also a gravedigger. He owned several parcels of land around Hartford. 

In 1654 the Woodfords moved to Northampton, MA, along with their daughter Mary and son-in-law Isaac Sheldon, where he was elected one of the Townsmen in 1657. The Northampton church was organized June 18, 1661, and Thomas was the third signer of the formal document. He wrote his will April 26, 1665, naming Isaac Sheldon executor. 

In early 1666 he asked to be excused from court duty because of age and weakness. He died in Northampton, aged 65, on March 6, 1667. His estate was valued at 197 pounds.

Thomas and Mary had three children:

  1. Mary, born perhaps in 1636 at Roxbury, Mass. or Hartford, Conn. She married Isaac Sheldon.
  2. Hannah, born about 1642; mar. 29 Nov 1659 at Northampton, Samuel Allen of Northampton, Mass.
  3. Sarah, baptized at Hartford on 2 Sep 1649; mar. (1) 21 Sept 1664 at Northampton, Nehemiah Allen; mar. (2) 1 Sep 1687 at Northampton, Richard Burke; and mar. (3) 11 Jul 1706 at Northampton, Judah Wright.